Tigers (5. třída)

pondělí  14.45 - 15.30

Big Muzzy (part 5)

Big Muzzy (part 4)

Watch the video and answer following questions:

What is it "a statue"?

How many statues can you see in the palace garden?

What is Norman's job?

How many patients are there in the Norman's waiting room?

Big Muzzy (part 3)

Watch the video and answer following questions:

Can Corvax type on the computer?

Are Bob and Muzzy in a prison?

Can Bob eat iron bars?

Is Muzzy wet, cold and hungry?

Are Bob and Muzzy looking for the palace?

Big Muzzy (part 2)

Watch the video: 

Big Muzzy (part 1)

Watch the video:

Christmas is coming!
Christmas game

Find the items on the list! A game to practise Christmas vocabulary (Father Christmas, Christmas lights, Christmas tree, chimney, bells, star, snow, gifts, fireplace, carol singers, snowman, candle...).

Najděte všechny položky ze seznamu a procvičte si vánoční slovní zásobu.

Get ready for Halloween!

Halloween Game

Last year we tried to remember and use as many verbs as we could. Play the game, practise verbs and learn new ones. Click on the picture below:

(Minulý rok jsme se snažili zapamatovat si a používat co nejvíce sloves. Zahraj si hru, procvič slovesa a nauč se pár nových. Klikni na obrázek níže.)